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Orville Tycoon continues his quest to conquer the world with his army of chunky zombies. Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge for PS3 and PSVita launched in the Land of the Rising Sun today!

If you can read japanese characters, we encourage to read the official japanese page right here : We hear it’s a good read.

Here’s our attempt to Japanese to welcome all the new players in the community:



Thank you Google Translate,
Thank you PlayStation Japan,
Thanks everyone for your support!

Have a great day,

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Guys, it has finally happened!


We have passed the Steam Greenlight process with flying colors thanks to our numerous fans and new Zombie Tycoon enthusiasts and now, we are releasing that PC version for the entire world to enjoy. Get the game for just 9,99$, experience it’s awesomeness, join the steam community and tell all of your friends!

Without further due, here’s the direct link to the game :

We hope the Steam community will embrace this game and love it just as much as we do.

We can’t say enough, thank you all!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio


Hello everyone,

We’re proud to announce that the PC version of Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge will be released on Steam on December 9th 2013.
The game will arrive on the platform with a new set of achievements, badges and visual themes to customize your UI.

As promised, we kept the controller support and we added keyboard and mouse controls that feel perfect! If you have any question about the game itself, go ahead and ask us anything in the Steam Discussions.



Stay tuned to our Facebook page at  on the day of the launch, we’ll have plenty of Steam keys to give away.

All of this is only possible thanks to your help during the Greenlight campaign back in August. Zombie Tycoon 2 has a great community! We can’t wait to see you guys battle it off on the leaderboards.

We’d give you all a big high five, but we’re afraid we might lose our arm ; )


Laurent Mercure ( LornHg )
Community Manager at Frima Studio


As of today, Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is now Greenlit! We got approved by Steam alongside 24 other great games from independent developers.


We want to thank every single person who voted for us! Your support in the comment section really showed us that our game is wanted by the Steam Community. We love you all and we love your brains.

We will keep you posted about our progress in bringing the game to PC.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page at or our Twitter account at

Hello guys,

Like we’ve told you in a previous post, getting in the top 100 is the first step in the process of getting approved on Greenlight. We’ve achieved that goal earlier this week!
Based on our number of votes and our Yes/No ratio, we’ve arrived 76th. After only a few days, we’ve climbed to the #70 out of 1387 games.


Now we have to wait for Steam to decide it’s time for a new batch of Greenlight games to pass. Until then, we need to stay in the top 100 in order to be considered in the pick.

We think the chances are pretty huge that you guys are going to see Zombie Tycoon 2 on PC.

Stay tuned and tell your friends, we still need some votes to stay on top!
Head there to cast your vote :

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Great job zombies!

You spread this Greenlight campaign like a respectable zombie infection. We’re now at 91% of our way to the top 100. We’re pretty impressed by the enthusiasm we’re getting from the Russian community here on Steam. Keep up the good work. Share this with your friends, share this on  В Контакте, share this with everyone you know who has a Steam account and add us to your favorites and collections. If you keep helping us get a Greenlight, we will localize Zombie Tycoon 2 in Russian!



Have a great week!

Laurent Mercure

CM at Frima Studio

Great news guys,

The first step in succeeding a Greenlight campaign is to get to the top 100 of the Greenlight list. As of right now, we’re at 59% of the way.

This is incredible!!


We’re not there yet though, we still have a lot of work to do! Tell your friends. Steam greenlit 100 games this week so it’s looking pretty good for us.

Have a great week,

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

As of today, Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is officially pending your approval to make it’s way to Steam!

For those of you less familiar with the Steam Greenlight, it’s a selection process in which anyone with a steam account can vote on games they’d like to see on the platform. When the game gets enough votes, Steam will contact the
creators of the game to make it happen and it’s now the only way for independent game developers to get on Steam!


Every single vote counts so if you have an active Steam account go straight to and cast your vote and
if you don’t, just tell all of your friends!

Thank you so much for your support!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

While the Summer Tournament is almost over, we’re working on a little something for Zombie Tycoon 2.

We’ll reveal it in details next week but for now, here’s a little clue.


What do you think this means?

Have a nice week!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Hello guys,

I thought I’d give you an update on how the tournament is going.

Here’s what the bracket looks like now­.


There is a member of our team in there but I won’t tell you which one he is. He’s doing pretty well but someone has got to stop him!

Players are fighting their way to the top to win a bunch of Zombie Tycoon 2 goodies :

– The two Zombie Tycoon 2 Official T-Shirts

– Two codes for free Zombie Tycoon 2 PSN avatar bundles

– A dozen of Zombie Tycoon 2 temporary tattoos

– Five codes for free copies of Zombie Tycoon 2 for your friends

– Priceless admiration from the entire team here at Frima Studio

Good luck to all the contestants!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio