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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Hello guys,

Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is coming out in approximately a month from now and already we have a lot of people excited about our game! Like we’ve told you, the lucky conventioneers at PAXEast had the chance to test our game in multiplayer mode.

Fans even graced us with some unofficial gameplay footage!

Even though they could test it for only about twenty minutes, we already have some great reviews from fansites and official press.

NYPOST – PAX East dispatch: Zombie Tycoon 2 is a no-hassle console RTS
« The benefits of fast, frantic console play seem to far outweigh the sacrifice of certain strategic options that could only work in a complicated game like StarCraft. »

POLYGON – Zombie Tycoon 2 distills MOBA and strategy genres into a cross-platform package
« Zombie Tycoon 2 is a cross-play, cross-save and cross-buy enabled strategy title for PS3 and PS Vita, and is also one of the most surprisingly enjoyable games I’ve played on the PAX East 2013 show floor. »

GAMING NEXUS – PAX East 2013: Zombie Tycoon 2 Preview
« Im happy to say though that Zombie Tycoon 2 the new RTS game from Frima Studios on PS3 and Vita is a very fun game and shows that RTS on consoles can be done correctly. »

PSU – Hands-on with Zombie Tycoon 2: RTS action on PS3 and PS Vita
« Navigating the map with your zombie troops feels flawless, and moving the camera throughout the environment, selecting the point where you want your zombie horde to go, and having them attack houses all feels natural on the controller. »

PSNSTORES – PAX EAST Roundup 2: Zombie Tycoon 2
« Frima has designed the game very smartly, knowing how unfriendly consoles typically are for this genre. »

GAMEINFORMER – Matching Wits With The Undead
« The game releases on April 30 for $9.99, and we had enough fun infecting the citizens of just one map that we’re happy we don’t have to wait long to find out how the rest of the game is. »


The zombie invasion is coming and it’s looking great …

Have a great Easter weekend,

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Three brains are better than one.



Self-Destruct (passive)
Upon death, Braintrust explodes, killing all surrounding zombies and inflicting massive damage to monsters and Mobile Spawners.

Force Field
Braintrust generates a dome of force around him that reduces damage by 30% and heals friendly zombies.

Braintrust launches a probe at the cursor’s location, revealing part of the map and hidden units.

Cloaking Field
Braintrust creates a cloaking field around him that veils all friendly units. Invisible units attack faster and cannot be attacked.

Energy Thrust
Braintrust shoots a beam of devastating energy across the entire level. The beam is aimed at the cursor.

When it comes to support, Braintrust is king of the monsters. He may be the flimsiest, slowest and weakest in terms of damage-dealing, but this mad mechanical gizmo is an incredible asset to your zombie army. His true power lies within his highly strategic ability set. His Force Field ability gives his team an unbelievable advantage. His ability to reveal the location of enemy troops and then assaulting them from behind the elusive Cloaking Field can turn the tide of the game in an instant! And while his Energy Thrust may require some skill to operate, it’s hands-down the deadliest of all monster abilities. Just don’t let yourself be fooled by his innocent smile; he’ll disintegrate you without a second thought…and smile while doing it.


Here you go, guys. Now you’re closely acquainted with all four monsters from Zombie Tycoon 2.

We’re dying to know which one is your favorite!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Hello everyone!

We just spent an incredible weekend at PAXEast down in Boston, we were really excited to finally show our game to the crowd.

We received some very good feedback and we will share all of this with you. But for now, here are some pictures we took at our booth :

Building the booth!

733838_10151367635857308_809250291_n 892284_10151367298647308_1571222178_o


Stay tuned for more, while people could play the full game at PAXEast, we still have some things to reveal here on the blog.

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Ursus Undeadus.



Thick Skin (passive)
Bearhug’s thick skin grants him damage reduction against all attacks.

Feral Swipe
Bearhug hit up to 5 enemies with one swing. All hit enemies suffer a 15% penalty to their attack speed.

Bear Traps
Bearhug randomly drops 10 to 15 bear traps around him, each inflicting minor damage and reducing movement speed by 75% for 10 seconds.

Ground Pound
Bearhug jumps and smashes the ground, stunning all nearby enemies.

Nature’s Fortitude
Bearhug becomes immune to all damage and effects for a short time.

Bearhug is a meat wall, a juggernaut, an immovable object, a mutha lovin’ tank. He is the most durable of the monsters, and excels in disabling his enemies. By slowing the enemies’ movement and attack speed, and sometimes stunning them, this ferocious undead bear provides great cover for his allied zombies, giving them the space they need to lay waste left and right. All of his abilities are extremely effective when facing numerous foes. Bearhug may be quite slow, but once you see him in action, you’ll realize it was definitely worth waiting for him to close the distance!


Now that we’ve revealed almost all of the monsters, you can compare their strengths and weaknesses. The monster you choose will greatly influence how you’ll play your match.

Today, the lucky PAXEast attendees will be the very first to try the game for themselves. We’re pretty excited!

See you next week for more!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio


We’re heading out for Boston right now for the PAXEast 2013 event and we’re totally psyched about it!

Our team worked very hard to be able to showcase three of our titles at the event. Ours guests will be the very first to play Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge as we will have a complete playable version to showcase.

Conventioneers will compete against each other in to get a chance to win one of the PlayStation Vita consoles we’ll be giving away!

The event will run all weekend long. After that, keep an eye open, you might see some actual gameplay footage of Zombie Tycoon 2.

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

He’s got a mouth on him.



Cannibalize (passive)
Every time Skidmark kills a unit, he gradually regains a portion of his health and spews toxic gas that slows all nearby enemies.

Skidmark charges and tramples everything in his path until he hits a building or another monster. Any monster hit this way is stunned for 2 seconds. While charging, Skidmark takes less damage.

Terrorizing Roar
Skidmark unleashes a powerful shriek that stuns all nearby foes.

Skidmark vomits a vile substance on a building, capturing it almost instantly.

Waka Waka
Skidmark starts glowing and devouring all zombies in his path. Each attack instantly kills one zombie. Monsters and Mobile Spawners are unaffected.

Skidmark’s Overrun ability, when used cleverly, allows him to travel great distances at incredible speed. His unmatched mobility on the battlefield and ability to capture buildings in the blink of an eye make this monstrosity on wheels a great tactical monster. This unappealing blob can be harder to master than the others, but it can ultimately turn the tide of battle. You should keep Skidmark away from the thick of the fray, however, since he’s weaker than the other monsters when it comes to pure physical confrontation. As a hit-and-run weapon, however, it’s a veritable wrecking ball!


Two monsters and six zombie types left to reveal, can you guess what they are?

The news keeps on rolling!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

Where other RTS games get heroes, we get monsters. And let’s face it: Monster are much more badass! Each of the four Zombie Tycoon 2 monsters has one passive skills and four active skills at its disposal. Just like heroes, monsters unlock these abilities by leveling up. How do they level up, you ask? By killing enemy zombies and monsters, of course; not to mention any humans unlucky enough to get in their way. In multiplayer matches, each player picks his monster before the game starts. And yes, both players can choose the same monster!

You control your monster’s movements using the X button and trigger its abilities with the directional buttons.

He really doesn’t care.



Survival Instinct (passive)
Badgerker’s damage increases by 7% for every 20% health he loses.

On activation, Badgerker gets a temporary boost in attack and movement speed.

Badgerker tunnels through the ground and emerges at the cursor’s location, inflicting minor damage to nearby enemies.

Berserker Rage
Badgerker starts spinning and attacking all surrounding enemies.

Second Wind
When activated, Badgerker gradually recovers 50% of his health.

Badgerker is the monster of choice when it comes to backing your zombie army with extra slice-and-dice devastation. None of the other monsters is a match for Badgerker’s attack and movement speed, the trade-off for which is low hit points.


The other monsters will be revealed in the coming weeks, along with the different types of zombies.

Keep an eye out for more!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio


As you’re leading an invasion force, one of the most important things to know is how to capture buildings. To do so, all you need to do is attack it with your army until it turns to your color. But beware! Buildings already owned by an enemy faction (the opposing zombie team or the neutral humans) will defend themselves. Captured houses or shops provides roaming zombies which will defend their buildings with their unlives.

Not only is this a strategic way to expand your control over the battlefield, but these roaming zombies serve another vital purpose: they are the key element of the Dead Rush, an ability that I will explain later.


Once captured, special buildings grant special benefits, such as a peek at hidden areas of the map or the ability to transform regular zombies into specialized zombies. Knowledge of the buildings’ locations on the battlefield can give you a significant tactical advantage in multiplayer matches.

I’ll go over every building and zombie type in later posts.

I tease a lot, I know : P

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

So everyone is wondering “How is Zombie Tycoon 2 played?”

I’ll try to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. Keep in mind that while everything below is true about multiplayer, it varies from mission to mission in the single-player campaign, mainly to avoid repetition and monotony.

Gameplay Basics

Let’s start with the absolute basics. Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is a real-time strategy game. However, it’s not your classic RTS with resource gathering, base building and tech-tree climbing. No, it’s pure, unadulterated tactical zombie assault! You’ve got two zombie packs, a mobile base and a monster at your beck and call, each controlled using a different symbol button on the controller.


One zombie pack counts five of Tycoon’s shambling zombies or ten of Brainhov’s feral zombies. Their attributes vary, depending on their zombie type. There’s a total of six zombie types that you unlock by capturing specific buildings. I’m sure you spotted one or two of these zombie types in the teaser video. We’ll see how to capture buildings in a later post.


Your mobile base is where your scientist is hiding. If it’s destroyed, the game is over. It’s not defenseless, though. When it’s not burning rubber, it’s armed with a powerful machine gun! This mobile base also doubles as a zombie spawner. If any of your zombies die within the spawner’s operating range, or if one your zombie squads is entirely decimated outside of that range, your mobile base starts spitting out new zombies.


As for monsters … You guys are not ready to hear about the monsters yet.

That’s it for today, I hope you grasp the general idea of the gameplay now.

Stay tuned!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio