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Where other RTS games get heroes, we get monsters. And let’s face it: Monster are much more badass! Each of the four Zombie Tycoon 2 monsters has one passive skills and four active skills at its disposal. Just like heroes, monsters unlock these abilities by leveling up. How do they level up, you ask? By killing enemy zombies and monsters, of course; not to mention any humans unlucky enough to get in their way. In multiplayer matches, each player picks his monster before the game starts. And yes, both players can choose the same monster!

You control your monster’s movements using the X button and trigger its abilities with the directional buttons.

He really doesn’t care.



Survival Instinct (passive)
Badgerker’s damage increases by 7% for every 20% health he loses.

On activation, Badgerker gets a temporary boost in attack and movement speed.

Badgerker tunnels through the ground and emerges at the cursor’s location, inflicting minor damage to nearby enemies.

Berserker Rage
Badgerker starts spinning and attacking all surrounding enemies.

Second Wind
When activated, Badgerker gradually recovers 50% of his health.

Badgerker is the monster of choice when it comes to backing your zombie army with extra slice-and-dice devastation. None of the other monsters is a match for Badgerker’s attack and movement speed, the trade-off for which is low hit points.


The other monsters will be revealed in the coming weeks, along with the different types of zombies.

Keep an eye out for more!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio


  1. Sounds exciting! I’m loving all of the power and abilities these monsters will have.

  2. Players who enjoy MOBA-genre games will love our monsters. Each of the monsters in Zombie Tycoon 2 will be easy to use but hard to master!

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