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He’s got a mouth on him.



Cannibalize (passive)
Every time Skidmark kills a unit, he gradually regains a portion of his health and spews toxic gas that slows all nearby enemies.

Skidmark charges and tramples everything in his path until he hits a building or another monster. Any monster hit this way is stunned for 2 seconds. While charging, Skidmark takes less damage.

Terrorizing Roar
Skidmark unleashes a powerful shriek that stuns all nearby foes.

Skidmark vomits a vile substance on a building, capturing it almost instantly.

Waka Waka
Skidmark starts glowing and devouring all zombies in his path. Each attack instantly kills one zombie. Monsters and Mobile Spawners are unaffected.

Skidmark’s Overrun ability, when used cleverly, allows him to travel great distances at incredible speed. His unmatched mobility on the battlefield and ability to capture buildings in the blink of an eye make this monstrosity on wheels a great tactical monster. This unappealing blob can be harder to master than the others, but it can ultimately turn the tide of battle. You should keep Skidmark away from the thick of the fray, however, since he’s weaker than the other monsters when it comes to pure physical confrontation. As a hit-and-run weapon, however, it’s a veritable wrecking ball!


Two monsters and six zombie types left to reveal, can you guess what they are?

The news keeps on rolling!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

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