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Ursus Undeadus.



Thick Skin (passive)
Bearhug’s thick skin grants him damage reduction against all attacks.

Feral Swipe
Bearhug hit up to 5 enemies with one swing. All hit enemies suffer a 15% penalty to their attack speed.

Bear Traps
Bearhug randomly drops 10 to 15 bear traps around him, each inflicting minor damage and reducing movement speed by 75% for 10 seconds.

Ground Pound
Bearhug jumps and smashes the ground, stunning all nearby enemies.

Nature’s Fortitude
Bearhug becomes immune to all damage and effects for a short time.

Bearhug is a meat wall, a juggernaut, an immovable object, a mutha lovin’ tank. He is the most durable of the monsters, and excels in disabling his enemies. By slowing the enemies’ movement and attack speed, and sometimes stunning them, this ferocious undead bear provides great cover for his allied zombies, giving them the space they need to lay waste left and right. All of his abilities are extremely effective when facing numerous foes. Bearhug may be quite slow, but once you see him in action, you’ll realize it was definitely worth waiting for him to close the distance!


Now that we’ve revealed almost all of the monsters, you can compare their strengths and weaknesses. The monster you choose will greatly influence how you’ll play your match.

Today, the lucky PAXEast attendees will be the very first to try the game for themselves. We’re pretty excited!

See you next week for more!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

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