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Now that all the monsters have been revealed, I will be unveiling the different types of zombie in the following weeks.

Here are the first four zombie types I’ll be introducing this week.

Those are the original artworks taken directly from the drawing board of our artists!

The High School Zombies : These zombies are a little weaker than your starting zombies, but they deal 50% more damage when near a school.

The Clown Zombies : Upon attacking, these zombies have a 20% chance of making their targets laugh, which completely disables them for 3 seconds.

The Bay Watch Zombies : These are the only zombies that can cross bodies of water, like rivers and lakes. (Bodies of water will be introduced in the first ZT2 DLC package)

The Wrestler Zombies : These zombies are tough, but inflict no real damage to their opponents, since everything they do is staged.

All zombie types have different tactical uses. I’ll elaborate on those in my next entry.

I just wanted to tease you guys a bit.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about these zombies!

Laurent Mercure
CM at Frima Studio

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