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Sign up ends on June 28th at 1:00 PM EST.
The tournament will begin on July 2nd

The tournament bracket will be generated automatically on June 25th.

We invite you to contact your opponent via the PlayStation Network messaging system. Once the game is done, the two participants must confirm in the forum or by Facebook messaging who won the game. If the two players disagree, we will require a proof of the score screen taken via the PlayStation Vita screenshot or by taking a picture of your television.

– Zombie Tycoon 2 Official T-Shirts
– Zombie Tycoon 2 avatar bundles
– Zombie Tycoon 2 temporary tattoos
– Codes for free copies of Zombie Tycoon 2 for your friends
– More prizes depending on how many entries we get!

Sign up for the tournament by leaving your PSN ID in comments or by sending an e-mail to


  1. PSN ID: myPSismyfriend

  2. Psn: Lynwood420

  3. My PSN ID is DealerMan

  4. emperorskull

  5. PSN:ZQuestion

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